Aerospace show. Can’t hear anything over the sound of the AC

I really enjoy living in the same neighborhood as my friends.

I’ve never had this setup before, and it’s actually very comforting to have close associates living right down the street.

I’ve absolutely enjoyed our neighborly exchanges, and it makes me feel much better to know that they’re right around the corner. It feels like somebody’s watching out for us even when we are distracted with other things in life. For instance, now I know that if there’s ever an air raid, I can count on our friends to give me a heads up. I won’t be caught off guard, no matter how loud the AC is. The other day, I was hanging out in the wonderful comfort of my bedroom, feeling the air conditioning streaming over my bed and looking at the weather for the next day. All of a sudden, I received a text message from my friend asking if I could see the strange lights floating around in the sky. She said that it was very loud outdoors, and there were bright lights whizzing around the sky. I was beyond confused, because I hadn’t noticed anything besides my wonderful indoor air quality and comfortable air temperature in my bedroom. I kept trying to listen for strange sounds, but all I could hear was the air conditioning system running outside my window. When I finally went outside, I saw that there were strange lights floating everywhere in the sky. The sound was overwhelming, but it was the exact same frequency as my air conditioning system. Whenever the AC quit, the sonic void was immediately filled with the noises from the overhead space crafts. It was a freaky sight, indeed, and the sound was even more unsettling. If I can’t hear these things over my amazing AC, I’m never going to notice them. It’s a good thing the neighborhood patrol is always on the watch.

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