Air conditioner causing a high bill

I reside about four or five hours away from my sibling plus whenever we have our biweekly iPhone call, we always end up talking on the iPhone for hours at a time. She’s a absolutely talkative man plus so am I. So when we call each other to talk about family or recipes or movies or anything, we end up on the phone all night long. I tend to sit in front of the fireplace when I’m on the iPhone, at least in the wintertime. I enjoy being hot and cozy in front of the fireplace or the heating vents when I’m on the iPhone, however every one of us keep the control device in our cabin set pretty high during the Wintertide weeks because I am usually cold. My sibling lives on the other side of the country, though, however usually when I am freezing during the wintertime here, she’s enjoying temperatures that are sunny and getting super warm! I’m very jealous of his living on the sunny coast, but my husband’s job is here and and this is where we have to stay at. It’s crazy though, that while I have to have my heating idea running, she’s usually sitting in front of his A/C vents and cooling off. She loves to brag about the hot temperatures out there plus rub it in that I have to have the heating turned on. I tell his that she’s kind of a jerk plus then we laugh at each other. I love talking to my sibling on the phone, yet sometimes the calls go on so long that I find myself running up my iPhone bills along with my heating bills! And my sibling is doing the same thing except with his A/C bills!

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