Air conditioner in my car

The AC in my car has never worked properly. I was on the verge of getting a new car last summer when I could not find one car AC mechanic that could properly diagnose the issue of the AC in my car. For some reason, nobody in my town has been able to tell me what is wrong with the air conditioner in my car, and how to repair it. I have had it serviced many times and nobody was able to give me a straight answer. Until, I went to Hughes heating and air. As I pulled up to this shop, I thought to myself “don’t get too excited, we’ve been here before.” But, pulling up to Hughes, I had a good feeling that they would be able to properly repair my AC in my car. I told the guy at the front desk the same ole story I’ve told many times in the past. “The air conditioner in my car blows cold air out of all of the vents, except for the vents on the driver side. Is there any way you can tell me what is going on, and can it be fixed.” Most of the time, the AC technician would turn on the car and the AC would be blowing cold air from all 4 of the vents. This was the most annoying part because it made me look like a crazy person!


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