Air conditioning can help keep you calm

I am a genre A person all the way.

  • One of our hobbies in life is making checklists plus crossing them off.

I like to have things done on time, usually before they are due plus I dislike being late. I am efficient, quick plus hardtoiling. All of these aspects help myself and others be a successful human being, however having a Type A personality can also come with downside effects. I get stressed honestly actually when things don’t go our way. I often have panic attacks. If things are out of our control, I still stress them although I shouldn’t. One of the best tools in our lake beach house that helps keep myself and others calm is our air conditioning. I tend to run hot when I get stressed out, which happens to be a majority of the time, then when I get panic attacks, our whole body heats up plus I beginning dripping with sweat. Turning the air conditioning on genuinely helps myself and others out because it cools our entire body down plus makes myself and others more calm. If I am boiling when I have a panic attack, the heat makes it one hundred times worse plus it feels like our chest is caving in. I am honestly grateful that I have central air conditioning plus I also have a smart control component that affixs to an app on our iPhone. If I am ever feeling stressed plus I suppose our body heating up, I can adjust the temperature in our lake beach house from the app on our iPhone honestly easily. Air conditioning is honestly helpful for our Type A, nervous personality.


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