Air conditioning equipment

It’s pretty cool how very popular reality shows can be for the last numerous decades or so.  Even if you aren’t a total fan of reality shows there is typically a topic or even a family which may grab your attention for a couple of binge weekends.  I like medically focused or severe reality shows. The type of shows where a cable crew follows a day in the life of a mom with numerous toddlers. Or my favorites is the weightloss journey of people who have become morbidly obese.  I’m not sure which draws me to these type of shows. I guess I may be looking for the lesson in their story of either how not to do a thing they did or how to manage some challenging situation. I try to find a lesson or prevention in every life process even when my beach house systems like my heating and air conditioner.  The heating and air conditioner has to get some routine maintenance performed on it in order to prevent damage. One of the routine maintenance issues that had to be performed on the heating and air conditioner was to be changed or clean the air filter yearly. The other maintenance had to be performed on a semi yearly basis was the cleaning of the air condenser unit outside.  The air condenser machine has to be cleaned in order to allow good airflow into the air conditioner machine inside. If while I was in the Winter time the outside items are sited next to our condenser they need to then be removed before the air conditioner machine is used for that summer. The air condenser can also be sprayed with the water hose to remove any dirt accumulation of the sides of the machine as well as on the foils.  

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