Air conditioning in the house

This summer I am planning on going down south and staying with my brother.   My thrifty brother just purchased an abandoned beach home and is asking me to spend three months with him. I am excited to spend three months in the glorious sun on white sand beaches.  The only catch is he is allowing me to stay for so long because I will pay him back in labor by helping him remodel the home. I also learned recently that my cheap brother does not have central air conditioning yet. Since he is a penny pincher, he is not having an air conditioning repair person install the AC system, so when I arrive for the summer, my brother and I will tackle the cooling upgrade.  I couldn’t help but be curious and check, the weather is supposed to be in the high 90s when I arrive, so not having any AC is going to be rough on us! Doing manual labor with no air conditioning will be horrible, also the upgrade of central air does not look straight-forward. My brother and I will need to completely gut his walls and tear down the ceiling. Then we need to fit in the 8 inch wide metal HVAC duct. The HVAC duct will go into the whole home and we have to have open spots for air vents. Then we need to hook the HVAC duct to the cooling system device. Then there is the setting up of the control unit. Do I think my brother and I have these skills? Nope, although I am willing to try for free meals and a place to stay. I guess the high temperatures will be more motivation to make me work harder plus faster.

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