Air conditioning was just so nice

Back when I was in high school, I had a girlfriend that I really dug a lot. We would do everything together. From having at least one meal a day together to driving around places, to having special date nights alone in our houses with each other. The one thing I do remember about her place was we always would have our date nights in her basement. It was a finished basement and had the most great heating and cooling! If it was the winter time, the heating in her basement area was so fresh and nice feeling. The air quality was beyond nice and no real way to explain how it felt. It even gave off this almost air freshener smell in the air. Then, in the summer time months, the air conditioning was just as nice. It did not have that dry and musky air conditioning feel or smell to it, it was more or less natural indoor air quality to be honest. She was one of the only people I knew at the time to have central heating and cooling in her house. Or, I should say, her parents’ house. We were only teenagers you know! In my house growing up, we did not have or could afford central heating and cooling. My girlfriend’s parents were well to do so they could afford luxury things like central heating and cooling at that time. Today, she is married with a nice baby girl. We lost touch after we broke up at the end of high school. But, I will always remember her HVAC system!

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