Air conditions with pottery

I have always adored creating paintings and sculptures. In school, I took a few sculpting classes. I always adored working with clay on a wheel. After Mary as well as I got married, she surprised me with a pottery wheel. A few years after this thing, Mary turned the entire garage into a studio for my painting. I have a pottery wheel, plenty of space for really working, as well as I recently gained my own kiln. I have been really working with new colors, since acquiring the kiln. But, that odors have been wafting in the air. I have been suffering with migraines all month, as well as I suppose the lack of air ducts might be a big problem. Mary as well as I tackled the ventilation problem this Saturday, when both of us added some vents to the old garage door. Mary and I cut out area in the steel door, as well as added a metal vent. The vent can be opened or shut. When the vent is not shut, both of us can turn on a small fan to draw smells as well as smells out to the air quality. When the door is closed, nothing can go in or out. I have been keeping the air ducts open while in most of the morning. I’m not certain this will solve our headache issues, but I remain in good hope. The ventilation has absolutely helped relieve a lot of the issues, as well as that is a great thing. If the ventilation idea doesn’t assist with our migraines though.

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