Air filters are important

When my grandmother came to visit my new baby, she brought her pets along with her to my shock. I didn’t even think she was going to bring the pets knowing we had a new baby,  although I wasn’t too upset. I had a pet too and they got along honestly well from past visits. My grandmother was going to be staying with us for a week, while she visited the baby and also toured some of the historic monuments in the area that were well known. I hadn’t seen her in nearly five years, so I was glad for the visit to happen when it did. It was the late start Spring while I was just beginning to run the air conditioning unit. The central air conditioning works pretty well in our rather large home, so she was quite pleased with the indoor environment that she was accustomed to in her home. A few afternoons after she had been staying with us, I started to see wet puddles on the family room floor.  I asked my grandmother if she thought that maybe the many pets were peeing on the floor when we weren’t looking? That did not make her happy and she was sure it was water drooling from their jaws. I was sure it was pee by the color! When the air conditioning crashed down without noticed on her fourth day, I could smell gross pee everywhere. The air conditioning had actually begun to mask the days prior, and although I could smell pet urine everywhere, she still doubted me. It was long grandma could smell it strongly too, and started to apologize for the pets’ behavior. She gave us her credit card to get the carpets cleaned, and I accepted happily! Until the air conditioning was undoubtedly working properly, I could smell the pets all over every room in the house. There wasn’t an inch of the space, that didn’t smell like old mildew, pet urine. By the time grandma packed up to go home, I was ready to have our cabin sanitized, fumigated, and scrubbed.