Air filters for sale

I don’t know if you have had to buy air filters lately, but they are expensive.

When you are using a new air filter every three to four weeks, that expense adds up quickly. When my furnace was new, I only changed my air filter about once a month. Now, I need to change my air filter much more often. When I saw an air filter sale at the local HVAC parts warehouse, I couldn’t wait to get into town. I knew that I needed to hurry to the warehouse before the sale was over. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I got there and saw the price of the air filter I used. It wasn’t even a sale that I stumbled into, but it was almost a steal. I was able to get a full year’s of air filter for both my furnace and my air conditioning unit for the same price as just buying air filters for the air conditioner. I was so shocked that I went back into the warehouse and I bought an extra box of air filters for the AC and the furnace. I know that I will have plenty of air filters for quite some time and I’m sure that if I had room to store more boxes of air filters, I would have bought them too. I guess I’m lucky that they didn’t have a lot of my recommended air filters or I may have gone home and made room for six more boxes of air filters. My wife would have been angry but I’m sure she knows how I am when it comes to finding a good sale.


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