Air purification and art

Last month I moved into a smaller apartment, then the space is still absolutely nice, it just makes for tighter quarters, as well as a lot less windows. I didn’t think this would be a problem, until I was trying to get back to toil on an oil painting I had began before moving in, but even with the door to the studio room open, I was still getting lightheaded. However I couldn’t paint anywhere else in the apartment! I recognizably paint in this empty room so I can let the paintings dry in a room that is closed off from my cats. Though the room has central a/c, I’m a bit hesitant to turn it up as well as run up our utility bill just to maybe increase the airflow in that room. There wasn’t even a promise it would work well! Finally, I asked a few fellow artist friends, as well as they proposed  I get an air cleaner, however an media air cleaner works to not only collect dust as well as cat hair, but it truly works to remove toxic chemicals as well as pollutants from the air. I made sure to buy an air cleaner that uses many weird filters–a charcoal filter as well as a HEPA air filter. The many filters toil to both trap crucial particulates like pet dander as well as dirt, while the HEPA air filter works hard to remove the finer contaminants from the air. This, with our central air conditioner running its typical amount, has made it so I can use our oil paints again without feeling as if I’m choking on the fumes. A small beach house will not stop me from pursuing my art!

air purifier