Air Purifier for Our Baby

Newer houses have become so well insulated and tightly sealed up that we end up having pollutants trapped inside our home with us.  That is why I have been researching indoor air quality. In a few months, we will be blessed with a beautiful new baby living with us and when we bring her home from the hospital, I want our indoor air quality to be the best we can possibly make it.  With our closed up houses, any pollutants we have in our home will unfortunately stay there. So to improve our indoor air quality for our new baby, we will have an air purification system installed before she arrives. Allergens of many different types can find their way into our home and into our lungs.  However, with an air purifier, our indoor air quality will improve. I saw an internet article about indoor air quality and that the average family can create about 40 pounds of dust a year! I don’t even want to know what is living inside that dust, and I won’t have to think about it as much with an air purifier in our home.  Our little baby is much too precious and we don’t want her to suffer from allergies from dust or any allergens. We only want clean indoor air for our little baby girl and I feel confident that our new air purification system will help keep us all healthier and breathing better. Air purifiers can remove up to 98 per cent of the allergens in the air, creating a home with a comfortable and healthy indoor air quality for our new family.