Air purifier helps when dinner goes awry

I’m a pretty solid cook most of the time, but even I an make mistakes. Especially on the nights when I’m tired and worked too many hours without taking a break. I remember one time I was trying to finish cooking these vegetables so I could add the curry sauce to complete supper. Well, I went to go finish packing for my trip in my impatience, and in doing so forgot all about dinner entirely. It just barely got back into the kitchen in time to salvage dinner, but the smell of charred onions and carrots was not pleasant. That’s why I keep my air purification system in the kitchen. As my little apartment kitchen doesn’t have a vent hood or central AC, this air purifier goes a long way to helping us breathe healthier. By placing it in the kitchen, the air purifier both keeps the air clean and even helps to disinfect the room. After a bad night of cooking, I turn it on high and the smell of my mistake is gone in under an hour. My air purification is able to accomplish this because it uses a two part air filtering system: a charcoal pre filter and a HEPA air filter. The charcoal filter helps to absorb odors, while the HEPA air filter takes care of everything from pollen to mold. Then every night before bed, I turn on the UVC light. This method of air purification actually works to kill bacteria on a microscopic level, so my kitchen is always clean and ready to go when I wake up in the morning.

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