Air purifier was the difference

Tomorrow, I am heading out on a camping trip.  My best friend promises me that it will be memorable, and I’m sure he is right.  Unfortunately, my memorable may not be what he calls memorable. There are about six of us who are going, and I know all of them.  They all love the rustic way of camping. The more wild the camping area, the better it is for them. I would love camping if we were to go to a small hotel.  I could sit in the room with my HVAC and let them go out and do their hiking or whatever it is they do. I’m not even sure why we are all friends. I am so different from them.  I used to think they felt sorry for me when they would drag me out of my house. They know I suffer from asthma and severe allergies, yet they always tried to include me. Maybe it is that they love to laugh and I give them something or someone to laugh at.  I asked them once why they latched onto me, and they said I made them laugh. We used to camp out in my living room in my home. I had my air purifier set up in the room, and the air conditioner or heating was always running. They said it always smelled good in our house.  I knew it was because of the air purifier, but they thought it was the carmel corn and pizza mom had for us. If they knew what a difference the air purifier was making, they would have had one in their homes.

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