Air quality control causes cooling system to flood

With everybody sick in the home I have been using the humidifier a 24/7.

It particularly helps with this Summer frigid so we can all breathe a little easier.

However, I did not stop to suppose what all this humidity would do to our cooling system system until it caused a problem. I walked down the hall early in the afternoon and noticed that the carpet was soaking wet. At first I thought that a single of the humidifiers might have spilled however then I discovered that the water was coming from our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. I turned off the cooling system and did the best I could to soak up the water with some towels. I had to wait until 9am to call an Heating, Ventilation and A/C company to come and take a look. The company was absolutely nice and showed up on time. She then explained that our cooling system drain had become congested. I didn’t even suppose cooling systems have a drain. It seems that cooling systems remove moisture from the air along with cooling the house. It is simply a byproduct of the cooling process. Anyway, with all of the humidifiers running in the house, the cooling system drain simply could not handle it and it made a mess. At least it was a quick and inoverpriced fix. With the drain now thoroughly cleaned, the company said is would have no trouble with the humidity so I can go on using the humidifiers if I would like. At least that is a relief. Although, now that I suppose how the cooling system works it just seems strange to have humidifiers running at the same time that the cooling system is laboring as a dehumidifier.

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