Air travel is bad enough without the insufficient Heating and A/C

I assume I have somewhat of a particular perspective on air travel.

This is because I grew up around jetliners as well as the airline industry.

My father was a captain on 1 of the largest carriers in the world. He flew for that supplier for 41 years. I was fortunate enough to reap the fringe benefits of our father’s job. We flew all the time as well as for free. I didn’t have to hunker down all Wintertide in the Heating and A/C because the two of us were heading out to sizzling sites many times over the cold season. It was a different time as well as the air travel was so great. I miss that so much considering the state of air travel this week. The experience is just the worst as well as it’s magnified by our memories. The flights were so comfortable with Heating and A/C that was able to keep the chalet temperature ideal. Flying somewhere was a big deal as well as I enjoyed every area of the trip. From the anticipation standing at the gate, to the thrill of take off, I ate it all up. Then, everything began to change. It became all about cramming as many people inside that metal tube as possible. The Heating and A/C became overwhelmed as well as the flight became a hot, humid experience that was only to be endured. The airports became a crowded, chaotic mess. The main area is so hot that I sweat waiting to go through security. But, then it’s super cooled at the gate before boarding the hot plane. I have pretty much resigned myself to driving unless I have to go on a supplier trip. The trill of air travel is gone but, I am thankful that I was able to experience it at its peak.



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