Air vents had gotten restrained by extra furniture

I have a trusted associate who would be a bit of a hoarder, if you will.

  • She does not collect any random garbage at garage sales or keep her urine in bottles around the home such as you see on the TLC shows, although she does have a penchant for collecting Antiques.

At this point, her antiques collection is so vast that it has consumed her entire house. She’s even built a hourary storage unit out back of her home for her remaining Treasures. I suppose it’s a great hobby that she has, although she does need to be more realistic about how much antique furniture one human can easily house. At this point in life, her items are so costly that she has had to install advanced air quality control unit to maintain these pricey items. She recently had the most highly rated Heating & Air Conditioning company in the neighborhood come out & fully revamp her indoor air conditions control equipment. She started by getting her a/c & gas furnace upgraded, & soon was talked into getting advanced humidity control, air purification devices, & a smart temperature control. This way, she can monitor both her indoor air conditions & addressed any of the parameters with the simple click of a button. I totally agree with her decision to install advanced indoor air control unit because it’s very important for her investments. However, I have questions about how powerful the Heating & Air Conditioning unit is while absolutely laboring in her home. The last time I came back to visit, it didn’t seem as if the central Heating & Air Conditioning method was ever running at all. When I asked her, she innocently stated that most of the air vents were fully blocked off by her furniture collection.


Cooling representative