aircraft HVAC

I do not like travelling by airplane.  I have some very valid reasons for not liking to fly and none of them have anything to do with being afraid.  I am a bit bigger than the average female twig and I always feel like I am being stuffed into those seats. Then they offer you a cheap extension so you can try to get the seat buckle hooked.  That is so humiliating. The food sucks and most of the time it is stale peanuts and a can of coke, that gets jostled all over my clothing. Don’t even get me started about the air quality in those flying sardine cans.  Unfortunately, my daughter is about to graduate from college, and I am expected to be there. I thought about driving cross country, but my husband says it would take too long and we can’t be off work for over a week. He finally convinced me that I had to get on the plane and head west.  It was bad enough that we had two different connections. The seats were still terribly narrow, I had to be in the aisle and the air quality still sucked. There was a woman with two young children, directly behind us. They cried the entire way, and one of them did a number in his pants. The other one vomited up his soy milk.  I tried adjusting my air vents and getting some ventilation in my personal area. I even contacted the steward to help me. I couldn’t wait to get off that plane and get some fresh air that didn’t wreak of vomit and poop.

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