All I want is my delicious coffee in the morning hours

I never love to start the early morning hours without a cup of delicious coffee.

  • I always enjoy having a cup of coffee with a watermelon or cheese danish.

I most often stop at the same breakfast deli on my way to work. Recently, I was severely disappointed when I stopped! There was a sign on the front that said the locale was closed until further notice. I knocked on the door, but sadly nobody was there to answer. I called a couple of people in the community to see if I could find out what was actually happening. I heard the locale had some setbacks with the air duct not being up to code. I made the move to call the owner of the locale to see if I could lend a hand. I actually work as an Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C machine supplier. I have my own company as well as I do well. The owner of the locale was somewhat frustrated that someone told me about his company affairs, although he agreed to let me look at the locale. The old building has a pretty good amount of problems, but I did not think all of the HVAC duct easily needed to be replaced. I told the owner that I could truly help get the locale up to code as well as I would easily handle the work for free. In return, I wanted free breakfast drinks as well as a danish every single morning for the rest of my years. The owner easily admitted it was a fabulous deal, since he was looking at a huge amount of ventilation as well as HVAC duct repairs. Secretly, I knew that I would be able to get my currency back very easily. This locale has my number one breakfast items. I would have done the job for pretty much any price just to keep my routine going like usual.


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