All the dog toys kept disappearing, then a Heating & A/C tech found them

When our friends and extended family complain about the expenses of owning a dog, I start telling them about the alternatives available.

If you do not want to spend money too much for dog food, make it at a modern home all by yourself. If you do not want to spend money a dog walker, get more active each and every afternoon. And if you are not keen on spending hundreds of dollars for dog toys to get destroyed, go out and buy some stuffed pets at Goodwill. However, I have to confess that I was recently pretty confounded and put off by a dog expense that kept repeatedly coming up at our house, then basically out of nowhere this Springtime, it seemed enjoy our dog could not keep track of his very expensive chew toys. Every time I gave him a modern item to tear apart, it had vanished as soon as I turned our back on him. I couldn’t figure out what was happening here… but eventually the Heating & A/C specialist did, and just before the dog toy debacle began, I realized that the indoor air conditions had been going downhill gradually. I had a natural gas furnace service appointment arranged, and the certified Heating & A/C tech who assisted myself and others to fix the furnace in no time at all. Weeks later, I had switched over to the A/C system, when all this animal toy drama started. I had our respected Heating & A/C tech come out to service the A/C components before the warm season entirely settled in and he was in the basement when I heard a loud laughing. He came upstairs with an armful of stuffed pets in hand, reporting that he had found them all dropped into one of the air vents. Apparently he had accidentally left the air vent cover off the previous time, when the gas furnace needed repair. My dog had been “burying” his toys in the open air ductwork ever since.

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