All the HVAC specialists are booked

Working at a radio station one may think is an easy and fun task. This actually is both true and not so true. It is a fun and easy task if everything during your radio DJ shift is going well, but when it does not, it is not so fun and easy. Just this last week, I went in to do my show on the radio, and the entire building’s heating and cooling system was not working! It is pretty cold out there in the night time hours when I do my show, and without having any heating in the building, it makes things very hard. I was aware of the heating and cooling issues before I came to work, however, they did not get the heating and cooling specialists out there before my shift as they were supposed to. They said that the HVAC company had all their heating and cooling specialists booked up until the following morning. Wee, that does not help me too much! I ended up having to borrow a winter coat from a co worker and lucky for me, the radio station had a few space heaters in their closest. So, I plugged in the space heater, bundled up in my winter coat that I borrowed and did my show. It was a pretty rough and cold night all together. But at least tomorrow night, the HVAC system should be up and running once again with good heating! At least they better darn well be, I do not want to freeze again! That would be bad as ever!

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