All week long we had problems

Man oh man, are both of us fed up with more than one of the hot days of summer already. I swear that both of us could honestly crack a dozen eggs on the sidewalk as well as make scrambled eggs easily. There are more than one day throughout the week, when the humidity makes the outdoor temperatures feel like they are higher than 110 degrees. These are the times when more than one of my kids get scolded about leaving doors as well as windows open in our loss space. A few months previously, both of us honestly had to have our entire A/C, ventilation, as well as heating system replaced. In order to better regulate the indoor temperatures of our loss space, both of us went with an energy-efficient A/C as well as ventilation as well as heating unit. Unfortunately, our boys don’t get the point that it’s important to leave the windows as well as doors honestly closed. It’s taxing to spend this time with these Restless teenagers, so I find myself constantly giving them a shout when they are leaving Windows as well as doors wide open. Someday these boys will honestly be prepared to pay for their own heat as well as air conditioning, as well as they will honestly be surprised if they don’t change the way they do things. They definitely won’t be able to afford more than one energy drink everyday, when they are paying a $600 a month electricity bill. Sometimes I wish both of us had installed a Zone control heating as well as AC unit, so we could just shut down the climate control to their bedrooms.

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