Alleged indoor air contaminant ends up being a plumbing problem

I am obsessed with making my house smell great. I have always loved it when someone walks into my house and tells me how good it smells. I really pride myself on always having a candle lit or having incense burning. My husband really doesn’t understand my obsession but I don’t expect him to really. However, it really brightens my day when he tells me the house smells nice, it is the best compliment he could ever give me. One day last week, while I had my candles burning I noticed a terrible smell in the house. I blew out the candle and opened all the windows. It smelled like an animal was dying. I thought maybe something died in our ductwork and started to freak out. I called a local HVAC company to come out and inspect our ductwork to make sure everything was working properly. Once the HVAC worker was at the house I told him about the smell and what I thought it could possibly be. He started laughing but went to check the ductwork just in case something actually was in there. Turns out there wasn’t anything stuck in the ductwork. Now I am back to square one trying to figure out where the terrible smell is coming from in my house. I think now I am going to call a plumber to see if something is clogged in our pipes. I hope that isn’t something too serious and just something simple that is causing the smell. Fingers crossed!

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