Allergies Do Not Only Come From The Outdoor Air Quality

A few months ago I discovered that the bad allergies I have were not all coming from the air quality outside.

A lot of the serious allergy attacks I been having in the early morning hours were stemming from my central heating and air conditioning system’s air vents because the ductwork was really dirty! I figured this out when a friend of mine had suggested I have my ductwork cleaned. The ductwork in my home has never been cleaned in the almost ten years I have lived at this house. Who would think to hire a heating and air conditioning specialist to clean your ductwork for the heck of it? I used to think people that had ductwork cleaning done every year were just wasting money. Now I see why they did the ductwork cleaning in the first place! I am just sorry that I only recently found this out from my friend, and decided to do the ductwork cleaning from the heating and air conditioning company. Ever since I have had my ductwork cleaned, my allergies have gone down quite a bit! I could not believe the results. I have not had a serious coughing or sneezing attack since the ductwork was cleaned! I used to notice that when the air conditioning was running along with the fan, that was when my allergies would go off the charts. This was from all the dust, dirt and dander that would be flying around all over the place! So folks, take it from me and get your ductwork cleaned at least once a year if you have allergies!


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