Already need our furnace on

My wife and I had never felt any difference in how the air conditioning in our home, was running.  We always had some rooms that were warmer than the rest, so it seemed natural to have a warm draft coming through the house.  When we had to hire an exterminator, we found out that it wasn’t natural. We heard some digging underneath our home and then we heard noises that sounded like we had a family of rodents.  We called the exterminator, who isn’t cheap I may add, and they came out to get rid of the rodents. The rodent ended up being an armadillo that was taking up residence beneath our home. They trapped him and took him out into the country to let loose, but they also told us that we had damaged ductwork beneath the house.  We called the HVAC company who came out and looked under the house. He told us the damage hadn’t been done by the armadillo. It was pretty extensive and it had been there for quite some time. They had to seal the ductwork and clean it. They also had to replace some of the panels that were beyond repair. We had to pay another huge bill to the HVAC company.  We did notice that the air in the house felt a lot different, and I was surprised that our energy bill was quite a bit lower. I guess that’s because we weren’t cooling off the area under the house, anymore. I guess I should thank the armadillo for drawing our attention to the ductwork.

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