An awesome sports complex

I want to say our family’s stay at the hotel was the best accommodations I have ever had! Everything was all around perfect. It is so really taxing to find a locale to stay that fulfills every family members needs. My children enjoyed the amenities and pool, our fiance enjoyed the complimentary breakfast. I, on the other hand, was really impressed with buyer service. The front desk was really helpful when both of us called about our AC device being disfigured. The buttons on the thermostat were jammed and both of us could not even turn it on. They sent a professional to check it out within hours!! They fixed that but then both of us tried to turn it on and it didn’t work. So both of us called and they sent the serviceman up again! Poor guy was going up and down on the elevator just for us! He finally figured it out and they provided us complimentary spa passes for the inconvenience. However, when I tell you the AC in that room was chilly and crisp as can be I mean it! I have never been in a hotel room that had such refreshing air! I didn’t even want to leave the room! I was so impressed with the serviceman, the front desk, their speediness and the air conditioning itself. My fiance and youngsters spent most of their time at the pool and in the game room however I stayed in the room unbelievable and enjoying that cool air. Ask me if both of us are going to stay here again and the answer will be YES!’

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