An enjoyable rock concert

I used to work with this franchise that had a chain of workout arenas.  I made decent money and it made it possible for me to take my family and friends on trips and to have unique experiences.  We got to go to different states and cities and we saw some great touristy spots. We went be gone for the entire weekend, and I could write some of it off because I was there on business.  My wife loved all of the fun we had. I think the best time we had, was when I was able t get us tickets to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They were playing in the city we were in that weekend.  I had to take the VIP tickets because that was all they had left, but it put us directly in front of the stage, and we could almost feel the sweat as it dripped off the performers face. It was almost ninety that day, when we entered the amphitheatre.  It was hot and humid, but when we were showed to our seats, it was cool and comfortable. I saw several air handlers around the stage, and their air vents pointed up and out toward the VIP section. We stayed cool and comfortable throughout the two hour performance, because of the air conditioning system they had set up.  I hated spending that much for the VIP tickets, but the air conditioning made it worth the cost I had to pay, and we all had an amazing time. I would pay that price all over again..

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