An hour-long morning commute requires a good HVAC system in your vehicle

I love my job. Trust me, I don’t take that for granted. I know how typical it is for people to hate their job, or at least, to be very stressed at work. I will admit that my line of work is challenging, and my co-workers don’t always see eye-to-eye. However, I love what I do so much that if there is any stress involved in it, I see it as “good stress,” if that makes any sense. It’s the kind of stress that’s worth enduring for the ultimate goal. It’s not needless or unnecessary suffering that is a byproduct of the job.That would be a better way to describe my hour-long commute every morning. That is literally the only thing that I seriously do not like about my job: it is so far away. It is all the way in the city, and I and my wife insisted on living in the suburbs on the fringes of town. Without the climate control system in my vehicle keeping me perfectly comfortable throughout the entire drive, I would be most miserable. We live in the northeast of the country and both the winters and summers can be extreme. You really need a good HVAC system in your car, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable about how to drive in the snow. As I said, my commute is long and exhausting, but I can tell you that between the nice, toasty heater blasting in my face and the fresh brewed cup of coffee in my hand and this entertaining little radio show that I listen to in the morning, the commute turns out to be actually pretty nice at times!

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