An ice cold Christmas concert with no HVAC

When I heard that there was a band coming to town that was going to do a Christmas music concert, I was pretty ecstatic. I absolutely love Christmas music and to hear a live band play all of my favorites sounded so wonderful. I bought tickets as soon as they were available, but I failed to pay attention to the particular venue that the concert would take place in because I just wasn’t thinking. The concert was going to take place in an open-air arena in the middle of the cold winter. Look, I know that many of the Christmas songs are about the cold and the snow, but I would have much preferred to enjoy those songs in a nice warm enclosed big building with a powerful heater running all the time. What I ended up getting was quite the opposite. Despite the huge crowd that showed, all of that body heat wasn’t enough to keep the stands from being ice cold. I mean sure, we were all rosy-cheeked and happy, but we sure weren’t comfy! At one point, it even began to snow! I toughed it out throughout the concert though, but around the time of the encore, I was begging for the warmth of the heater in my car because I loved it so much. I figured that I could miss the last couple songs and made a break for the parking lot. I dove into my vehicle after a long cold walk, turned on the engine, and blasted the heat as much as I could. I sat there for a good 20 minutes thawing out in my car’s excellent heating, and then headed home, just beating the traffic which was a good thing.

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