An ice rink in a southern town with great air conditioning

There’s this really nice ice rink in town I used to frequent as a kid, a teenager, and even now as an adult, I take my kids there. The funny thing about having an ice rink in town is that we live in the south, and it would literally be a cold day in hell if we ever found ourselves with a lake freezing over sufficiently enough for us to ice skate on around here. So, as a result, the ice rink was a real novelty for us and I bet you think it’s pretty weird that a southern boy actually practiced hard enough to become a pretty mean ice skater, but that’s the truth about me. Besides showing off my moves, I have to admit that there is another incentive for going to the ice rink. Naturally, it’s nice and cool in there. They have a really nice air conditioning system, and in the summer, it is literally the place to visit to cool off as best as possible. In the winter, well, it’s a pretty nice place to go if you want to pretend that it’s properly cold for winter. A lot of people around here don’t get all that excited about that prospect, surprisingly. However, me and my kids are more than happy to give the ice rink business during the winter. Besides, it’s not actually freezing in there like it would be out on a lake, and their heating system is actually pretty decent. Pretty soon, my daughter is going to have moves out on the rink that are just as good as mine!

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