An ice storm ruined my air conditioner.

I worried about the air conditioner in our summer home.

We had a small house that was on the lake and the winters could be brutal there.

I was told that the house winterized, but I was still worried. I heard about how hard the wind was blowing and I knew how cold the winter had been. When we had a lapse in the weather, I took a trip up to the house. The wind was blowing off the lake and there was a frozen waterfall covering my air conditioning unit. I thought about chipping the ice from the air conditioner, but I was afraid I would do more damage. I called the HVAC company and asked them to give me some ideas. The HVAC specialist showed up and looked at my AC unit. I heard a low whistle come from between his lips. He told me to let the ice melt naturally. He didn’t think there should be much damage, if any at all. Before I started the air conditioning unit again, he wanted me to call him and he would do an inspection. I was eager to see if it damaged the air conditioning unit, but I had to wait. Three months later, I drove back up to the house. The weather had warmed into the sixties, but I still had some ice on the AC unit. A month later, I went up to open the house for the summer. I called the HVAC company and told them I was there. The same HVAC technician arrived, and he looked at the AC unit. He said there were still a few ice crystals inside, but everything looked good. The ice had worked like a thermal blanket.


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