An SUV with excellent air conditioning

I never considered myself much of an SUV person. I’m a guy who prefers his trucks, but I always cared about their performance over any other peripherals, and that included the climate control system, cabin space, and extra seating. Then, I settled down and got married and one kid turned into two kids turned into three and an SUV was looking better and better. My kids would always be so cranky in the back of my beat-up trucks with their hand crank windows and feeble air conditioning in the summer. They always ended up wanting to ride with their mother in her car. When I finally broke down and got an SUV, they felt really spoiled. I have to admit that I never owned such a fancy vehicle. At first, I thought the air conditioning system was just too powerful, but my kids loved it! There were vents right in the back of the seats to blow cold air on them and they have their own instrument panel to adjust it back there. Suddenly, there was a lot less fighting and a lot more contented sleeping during road trips, not to mention way more space for them back there. Recently, we took a road trip to visit their grandma way up north, and the trip ended up taking 24 hours. We decided never to stop at a hotel to save money, and to just take restroom and meal breaks along the way. The kids ended up sleeping so snuggly and soundly in the air conditioning of that SUV that we were able to make great time on that trip!

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