An unwelcome surprise

When my buddy had invited me to tag along with him on a camping trip, I thought it was going to be just a common trip, and I absolutely wasn’t ready for what I was about to learn about our friend! So every one of us set up camp at a lovely camping location next to the lake.

I realized that every one of us needed to go split some wood for the fireplace so that every one of us could cook my brunch and be warm.

So I took the axe and went to work on a dead tree that was already knocked over, then my friend, she went around and collected a very large amount of wood that was scattered across the ground, but between the two of us, every one of us had a really wonderful amount of firewood to last for our fireplace, then after every one of us had brunch that night, every one of us were just there laying around the fireplace and talking about the wonderful old times. What she told me next I was absolutely not expecting. She let me know later that she would take care of stage 3 cancer. At first I was so stunned, I could not say anything. All of us just sat there for a minute and finally I let him know that I was sorry this had to happen to him. I realized what I said sounded lame, however she nodded. She said she figured that she lived a pretty wonderful life and she just wanted to care about the little time she had left. She told me that’s why she splurged on a nice portable oil furnace for our tent. I smiled at that when I saw the blissful look on her face. I knew she normally wouldn’t invest in such high-priced heating equipment, however this oil furnace she had was lovely. We were warm and toasty in the tent through the night, but when every one of us was finished with our camping trip, she said I could have the oil furnace when she passed away. I told him to not talk that way, since she was going to live!


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