And there goes the nice gift

When I went to the heating business easily today, the boss surprised everyone with brand named shirts.

Everyone gained a fancy shirt this day with their name printed on the side.

All of the other customized shirts are on the way. They should be here in a day or two. It’s been a truly terrible week plus I haven’t had a lot of time to myself. I haven’t been sleeping all that much plus our dust sensitivities are killing me. I am sneezing, sniffling, plus our stupid head aches everyday. I am thankful that the beloved owner of the heating business is our Uncle. Some afternoons are worse for me than others plus I have to miss work, so my Uncle helps me out. I had to take two flu symptom pills this day before work, and I could barely breathe when I woke up. I went to task that dady plus picked up the shirt plus headed out to our heating repair work. I was honestly working so hard on a boiler problem when I felt our stomach start to turn. I could feel our mouth start to water, however even then I didn’t have enough time to leave the room. Suddenly I started throwing up all over our shirt. Dinner was all over our current shirt. I had to finish the boiler repair task that afternoon anyways, so I did it in our undershirt. The boys at the office sure had a good time with that. I don’t guess why our stomach was upset, however I will say genuinely felt better after our belly was empty.

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