Animals need care

My sister and I grew up on a farm. We grew corn, carrots, and potatoes. We had a few farm animals as well. We had to dairy cows, a handful of egg-laying chickens, and a few cats and dogs. When my sister was 12, my parents bought her a kitten. My sister named the kitten Colonel kitty cat. Colonel was still alive when my sister went off to college. I was already living in an apartment at the time, and my sister wanted to move in. She couldn’t take Colonel to the dorms, and my apartment was only a few miles from the college campus. At first, I urged my sister to leave Colonel at my parents and live in the dorms. She really didn’t want to leave Colonel alone. Eventually, I agreed to let my sister move in with the cat. My sister was living in the apartment for a few weeks, before we had our first major argument. I thought we would argue about I thought we would argue about the cat or bills, but our first argument was over the temperature control device. Whenever I left for work in the morning, my sister adjusted the temperature control device. I prefer to keep the temperature at 72 degrees, but my sister was adjusting the temperature control device to 68 degrees each morning. I didn’t notice the problem, until I received the first electric bill. It was almost $100 more than any previous month. I told my sister that she would need to find a part-time job and help with the additional bills. She was unhappy with my request, but she didn’t have many choices.

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