Annual sale

Each year during the spring, the local HVAC company has a sale on heating equipment. The company has several stores in the region, and they have a huge liquidation center. Once each year in April, they have a sale on all of the old heating equipment. My wife and I were waiting for the sale, because we needed to buy a new furnace for our rental property. The furnace stopped working sometime in December, but we don’t have any tenants in the cottage. We were able to wait until the annual liquidation sale. We kept the pipes and plumbing safe, by plugging in an old space heater. We kept the space heater on low, but it worked good enough to keep things from freezing and leaking. I was very excited to attend the liquidation event, but I didn’t see any advertising in the newspaper. The company usually has a half-page ad during March, that runs for a two-week period. They really advertise hard, in order to liquidate all of the old heating equipment. When we still didn’t see a single ad for the liquidation event, my wife decided to call the company. They weren’t going to hold the event this year, because the owner of the company died of month previously. A lot of things were up in the air, and they didn’t have time for the advertising campaign. My wife was really upset, and she relayed her sadness to the person on the phone. Luckily, they still had a lot of heating equipment on sale at the warehouse. They just didn’t have a huge event planned.

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