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When I was a kid, there was nothing more exciting for me than when I could get to bed. I suppose I just loved having good dreams at night, as any kid would. I suppose that was also due to the A/C component in my bedroom window. See, my parents installed that in my room one afternoon, and my childhood was forever changed. It seemed to provide such sweet dreams for me, and I was constantly so comfortable thanks to the air quality in my bedroom being so superior. It was really good to have, but I spent too much time in my room because of it. Having the A/C running through the night was soothing, so I kept the temperature control on a low setting. It easily helped me to drift off to sleep, but I would usually turn it off during the day – it would get a little too cold for my taste. It was constantly worth the excellent evening of sleep! I constantly felt well rested in the afternoons, and I usually had wonderful school days where I excelled in my studies. I know that a nice night’s sleep is the driving force for success in most cases. I remember how distraught I was when that A/C component finally broke down. I wasn’t surprised given how much I used it, but it was still sad – I had that A/C component for such a long time! I was really thrilled though, when my parents obtained a nice replacement A/C unit for me! It was also a more energy efficient model. No doubt, my parents wanted that because they knew how much I was going to use the thing..

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