Are baseboard heaters safe?

That’s a lot less than central heat

I wasn’t too concerned when I found out that our new house would not have central heat. After all, we were moving to a warmer climate and I was fairly certain we wouldn’t need it. We could just get by with a space heater or two. However, shortly after we moved into the house, we found out we were expecting our first child. My wife is insistent that we cannot have space heaters with a baby crawling around. She wanted to get central heating installed but that’s a little bit too expensive for us right now. I did a bit of research and I feel we should get baseboard heaters. The baseboard heaters are a lot like space heaters but they screw directly into the wall. So, a child could not knock them over and start a fire. My wife was hesitant, at first, but I suggested that we get the baseboard heaters and see how they do the first winter. After all, our daughter won’t be born until January. She certainly won’t be crawling around for at least a few months after that. If the baseboard heaters work well for us, we can just keep them. I promised my wife we would get central heating if the baseboard heaters were, in any way, unsafe. So far she’s agreed to this. I’m excited to learn that the baseboard heaters can be hooked up to a central thermostat as well. Getting baseboard heaters installed in every room of the house is going to cost us around $1,000. That’s a lot less than central heat. But still, if they don’t work out, that’s a lot of money down the drain. So, I really hope the baseboard heaters are as safe as they say they are.

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