Arranging things

My husband and I move a lot with his job. While looking for houses to rent in a new town, the first thing I look for is central HVAC. I grew up with portable gas heaters and  window A/C units, and the first place my husband and I rented had portable gas heaters and a window A/C unit. The we were introduced to central HVAC unit and we will never go back.Gone are the days of sleeping on the floor in the living room in the summertime in order to stay cool near the A/C. We will never huddle around a portable heater again just trying to stay warm. With an HVAC system the whole home stays cool when the A/C  is on and hot when the furnace is on! There is little to no temperature gradient and no need to stand next to the vents in order to feel the comfortable air. That is why central HVAC is a must from now on for any home that we rent. All this moving around really helps the two of us know what we do and don’t want when we are finally ready to settle down and buy our own house. Every home has its up and down sides. We make a mental note of things we do and do not like about each house. When we do buy our own place, it is going to have to be perfect. It is also going to have to have a really fantastic and quiet HVAC system, obviously.

HVAC maintenance