Arriving promptly on time

My dad always calls me, when he has questions about the Heating and A/C system. I have been now working in the Heating and A/C industry for multiple years. Even though I live several hundreds of miles away from our dad, he still calls to ask questions. A lot of times, he wants to guess if a complication is drastic enough to call the business. Last weekend, he called to tell me about the furnace. I asked him what was occurring, in addition to our dad said there was not much heat coming from the air vents. I told our dad to call the local Heating and AC service center. My dad made an appointment for the next day. The Heating and A/C specialist came over to look at the furnace. After spending 15 minutes looking at the system, the Heating and A/C specialist promptly told our dad that the whole component needed to be replaced. My dad was entirely  surprised, in addition to so was I. I told our dad to get a minute opinion, in addition to I called a friend in the business. I asked our friend to make the 30-minute drive to our dad’s house, to check on the furnace situation. Luckily, our friend agreed to help. He drove over to see our Dad on the following afternoon. My friend realized the complication was a simple solution. The flame ignition switch needed to be replaced. My friend made the necessary repairs for our dad, in addition to I contacted the owner of the other Heating and A/C corporation. I gave them a piece of our mind, in addition to told them that I would be referring this issue to the Better Business Bureau.

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