As an investor, I want to learn more about smart buildings

I am an investor, which means I bankroll projects plus get paid from them even if I don’t fully understand them… I have always had a nice eye for talent, which has taken me a very long way.

I don’t even focus so much on the individual idea pitched to me, I always try to focus on the person behind the project.

A talent can actually make lemonade out of lemons, so even if the project doesn’t go so well the person can make something major happen. This is a lot more pressing than it used to be, because I can barely understand the technology behind most modern ideas. The other day I had this meeting with an energy retrofit services provider, plus by the end of the meeting I still wasn’t able to understand what they did. I understand all the words in the phrase energy retrofit services however in listening to the guy talk I totally got lost! The next meeting I had was not so different, as I had never heard of pumping systems controls before either. The real difference was in delivery, plus this lady gave myself and others a very good pitch that told myself and others what pumping systems were, plus how critical pumping systems controls were for modern housing complexes. She showed some superior talent, plus while she lost myself and others when starting in about chiller plant controls plus the cooling tower controls, I enjoyed her passion very much. I am going to do a little research about the so-called smart building industry she was going on about plus see if there really is a future, plus any real currency in it.


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