As the owner of an Heating & A/C shop, I have to learn how I can trust

I have l received a lot since I became the owner of my own Heating & A/C supplier, then when I was an Heating & A/C professional, I would have never imagined that owning my own Heating & A/C supplier could be so difficult, however it is; It was so much easier being an Heating & A/C professional that was laboring for an Heating & A/C supplier rather than running my own! As I said before, there was a huge studying curve when I took over my own Heating & A/C supplier, then one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn was that I couldn’t trust all the people, and even as an Heating & A/C professional, I was a naturally trusting lady. When I started my own Heating & A/C supplier, I brought on a few Heating & A/C professionals. I figured that since they began with me, they would become the natural leaders in the Heating & A/C supplier that I was going to build, but they were hard-laboring & ambitious. What I didn’t realize was that they were focused on making a profit using my Heating & A/C supplier. After a few months into running my own business, the other Heating & A/C professionals began stealing supplies & jobs right from under my nose, however finally, when I realized what they were doing, they left my Heating & A/C supplier & started their own Heating & A/C supplier. Thankfully, their dealer failed, despite the fact that I l received that I couldn’t trust all the people as the owner of a business… Now, I only trust a few Heating & A/C professionals in my supplier. There is only one other girl with a key, & this Heating & A/C professional is also a family member of mine. I can’t trust that all of my employees have good intentions.


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