at work and the a/c is horrible

The people I was spending my days with as well as my boyfriend decided to go with my dad when he was meeting with some personal injury attorney. My dad was in an accident with a company vehicle, and the heating as well as air conditioning company did not want to honestly pay for my dad’s pain as well as suffering. The people I was with as well as myself we’re not surprised to see them honestly pay the medical bills, but they didn’t even want to pay my dad for the week of time that he missed. The people I was with as well as myself met with an lawyer in their office to discuss the terms of the deal and the settlement. The people I was with as well as myself were honestly uncomfortable and the environment, as it seemed that they did not have the air conditioner on at all. Outside the temperatures were warm and toasty, and inside it felt much the same. Without a thermostat to adjust the cool air, the people I was with us well as myself didn’t want to continue on with our meeting. We tried to change the date, plus the lawyer gave us a hard time. the people I spend my days with as well as some others were happy to hear that they could adjust the temperatures for us so that we could finish our meeting all on the same day. My mom as well as my siblings were just as unhappy with the indoor air quality, and it seems like they were trying to make us uncomfortable while we discussed a number for our injuries.

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