attic insulation affects central heating and cooling systems that are in the attic

Is attic insulation good or bad? Most homeowners would say that it is a good feature. Insulation will help keep warm air in during the winter months when we run the furnace, and cold air in during the summer months when we run the air conditioner. This is true. What a homeowner might not realize is that attic insulation might be damaging the performance of your central air conditioning unit if the unit is installed in the attic. Despite its job, A/C systems cannot work optimally in overheated confinement. They need to breath just like we do. They work best in an optimally cooled environment just like we do. So, if your A/C unit is installed in your attic, have an HVAC service technician come take a look. Your attic might be insulated perfectly for the best energy-savings for your home, but it might be insulating your central heating and air conditioning unit just a little too much. As the A/C is working to cool down the interior of your home, the insulation is working against the unit’s efforts. In some situations, the A/C can overheat, which is ironic since it is meant to cool things down. Attic-installed HVAC systems must have a way for the warm air to escape. In some cases, the entire unit must be moved to a better place in our outside the home. In other cases, attics can be retrofitted with thermostat-controlled fans. These fans will kick-on when temperatures get too high, and since hot air rises, an attic is the common collection point for all heat accumulating within the home.