Background noise is important for sleep

One of my good friends needs to have absolute quiet if they want to get some sleep.

I have another friend who needs to be snuggly warm to sleep. Another friend is forever complaining about the noise his heating system makes and how it keeps him awake half the night. I have this old furnace in my home that makes so much noise that I need to turn up the volume on the television if I want to hear what is being said. I have my music so loud that it rattles the windows, if I want to be able to hear it over my furnace running. I knew a couple of years ago, that I should get rid of the furnace and install a new heating system. I am so used to the noise of the furnace that without it, I am unable to go to sleep. I hear every little noise in the house and I lay awake trying to figure out what the sound is. My imagination runs wild as I think of all of the possibilities from ghosts to intruders. I find comfort in hearing the banging and clanging of my furnace as it pushes the heat through the ductworks. I know that sooner or later I am going to need to buy a new furnace. I will probably go back to the same type of gas furnace as I have now, and hope that it will make some noise. I’m not complaining about the noise, so I am hoping that the new one will make just a little noise because I like the background noise.

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