Bad experience with a heat pump

Just recently, my husband and I bought a bigger house.  We had another baby on the way, and we needed more space.  We thought that we had made a great deal when we found a place that came with a heat pump.  We had only read about how good heat pumps were, but we had never had the chance to experience them for ourselves.  My husband was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be much different than a regular heating system, but he was so very wrong.  When winter arrived, we turned on the heating system, and it made a horrible noise. We had no choice but to use the heat pump, because we knew that the pipes would freeze, and then we would double the trouble.  I try to keep our thermostat on the low side, trying to be more energy efficient. With the heat pump, when you turn the heat pump on, lowering the temperature, only makes it work harder. We called the HVAC company, and he told us that the heat pump works almost opposite of a traditional heating system.  Every time the heat pump turns on, it uses more energy, so it is cheaper to turn up the thermostat, and not let it run as often. I couldn’t figure how keeping the temperature higher was going to be an energy and cost saver. I guess that it is a difference in how people think about saving money. We soon realized that the heat pump, no matter how we set the thermostat, still didn’t save us as much as our old furnace.  I would chalk this up to a lesson learned.

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