Bank has no heating system

Our oldest daughter, Nicole, just became eighteen and was recently hired for a position at our local bank. She seems to entirely find pleasure in working there. She is entirely proficient with numbers, and I’ve always believed since she was a little girl that she was a people kind of lady. Nicole could talk your ear off if you allow her. However, she is also a proficient listener. Many people trust her because of how loving and kind she is. This makes her a proficient teller. Just about every lady that chats with her leaves with a smile on their face. For her, the toughest section of her task is dealing with the temperature in the bank. She has consistently been a skinny, petite little thing, and she doesn’t do well with chilly temperatures. For some reason, the bank is consistently chilly, and even when I walk in, I believe it’s a bit too chilly. I like the condo much chillier than the rest of our family. Poor Nicole comes to our condo every morning shaking, wearing a jacket and a thin coat. Last time I went to visit her to bring her the jacket she had failed to take, she literally had goosebumps from head to toe. Last week, she was ill for almost several weeks, and I assume it was because of how chilly she was every morning at her task. Because the supervisor adores Nicole, she offered to raise the temperature in the bank just to make her more relaxed, and I hope the warmer temperatures will help her find pleasure in her task even more and help her to remain healthy.

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