Battle for the HVAC system

My wife and I are both big pranksters, and part of our relationship has always involved trying to put one over on the other. These are never mean spirited jokes in any way, although to those who don’t “get us” it can be awfully confusing. Recently we have taken our prank war to the next level, by drafting some robot allies to help us out. She started it by buying an Alexa system for our house and connecting it to everything, and then setting it to only respond to her voice. I went out and bought a Google Dot to do the same thing. Now we have epic battles over the HVAC system, and I have to say I think it is pretty darned funny. Whenever she asks for the heating to be turned on, my Dot will tell her to go get a blanket. In response, when I give the verbal command to turn on the air conditioning, her Alexa will call me a wimp and to “suck it up, buttercup.” One day the whole HVAC system stopped working entirely, and we thought it was because we had been overtaxing the heating and cooling too much. I came to find out the next day that the HVAC system was fine, and my wife had simply disconnected our AI programs from that interface. She actually let me call out an HVAC repairman, just so she could see the look on my face when he turned it on with his finger. I had actually neglected to even check out the thermostat.

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