Being a massage therapist is a great job, except when the AC stops working

I have been a massage therapist for a few years now and it’s a really great job. Last week the AC system stopped working and things have gotten really bad. I have noticed that since the HVAC system went down I have gotten less tips and people have canceled their return appointments. When my clients came in last week I told them there was no AC and a few of them left on the spot. I never realized how much people love AC, but I guess it makes sense. It doesn’t feel good to pay a bunch of money to relax and end up in a place with no HVAC! I have talked to the store owner about calling and HVAC technician and he keeps saying that he would rather fix the HVAC system himself. I don’t care who fixes the HVAC system but at this rate it seems like it will never be fixed. My boss is never around and I don’t think he is actually capable of fixing the HVAC. I have looked at the AC unit and I can’t seem to see anything that is wrong with it, but then again I don’t know anything at all about HVAC. I really think I should just go to a new studio that has a goodH HVAC system or at least a boss that is willing to call an HVAC technician is something goes wrong! Maybe the HVAC breaking is a sign that it is time for me to move on to somewhere new, this is the first massage place I have worked and I think the AC is important.

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