Being an adult means getting excited about your HVAC system maintenance

Being an adult means a lot of things, but what it means most to me is getting excited about getting my HVAC system maintenance done.

I know that sounds kind of silly, but that’s just how it is these days. I used to be one of those people who got excited about going out on Friday nights to dance and party. Then later on, I used to get excited about going on fancy vacations and getting a new car once in a while. These days, though, I am the most excited whenever I know that it’s almost time for the HVAC company to come to my house and do my heating and cooling system maintenance. I get my heating and cooling maintenance done every six months or so and I can really tell a difference whenever the HVAC company would leave the house because the indoor air quality would always immediately be so much better in the house after they left. I love it when they clean out the HVAC ductwork with their special equipment, and of course they always put in new air filters to make sure that they are working correctly, too. But best of all, the last time they were here they installed a new UV light air purification system for the house. I was so thrilled with the new whole home air purification system. I love the way that it makes the whole house feel clean and like it’s full of fresh clean air. I guess being an adult means getting excited about getting my HVAC maintenance done at the house.

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